Plastic molding

Veterinary, cosmetics and dentistry


Interdamo s.r.l. deals with design, prototyping, mold making and molding of plastic materials, and its business is focused on the manufacturing and packaging of articles for veterinary use (intramammary, intrauterine and oral syringes), dental (impression trays), cosmetic, mechanical and for combating pests.
The company, which started its business in 1981, has always been capable of responding to the ever-changing market demands promptly and dynamically, thanks to its highly flexible production processes, close collaboration with its customers and the continuous development of new products.
The primary corporate objective has always been to achieve a high quality level, which was acknowledged in 2004 with the Quality Assurance Certificate.


Interdamo s.r.l. has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by the certification agency TÜV Italia, for “Design and manufacture of moulded syringes and plastic articles for veterinary use”.

Monitoring of the entire production system, which is carefully managed by the Production and Quality Dept. Managers, together with regular and timely training of the corporate staff and ongoing product inspections stand surety for the quality of the whole production range, which provides articles to satisfy every customer’s needs.
The entire corporate process system, from order management through to production planning, raw material procurement and deliveries, is governed by structured procedures that are continuously re-examined and updated.
Personnel training, at all levels, is scheduled, monitored and checked.
Full product traceability is ensured by documented and hourly inspections during production, as well as by production scheduling.